Proof of vaccinations by licensed veterinarian:

  • Rabies
  • Bordetella (Kennel Cough) – Must be updated every 6 months
  • K9 Influenza – Both parts required


Proof of vaccinations by licensed veterinarian:

  • Rabies
  • Feline Leukemia


Guests checking in will be checked for fleas. If fleas are present, we will offer a flea spray and bath at the owner’s expense. If you do not choose to have the treatment, they cannot stay at the facility until the fleas are no longer present, and the owner has applied the flea control.

Guests can bring any items that they feel would make their pet more comfortable including blankets, beds, toys, and more.*

We encourage you to bring your pet’s food with them to keep them on their usual diet. In the event you forget, we have you covered, but there will be a charge for supplying food.

*not responsible for any lost items



Kennel cough is a syndrome, not a specific disease. It is caused by many different viruses and bacteria, often in combination. Dogs can pick up this syndrome anywhere – dog parks, veterinary hospitals, grooming shops, pet stores, shelters, and YES, boarding facilities. This syndrome is passed from direct contact, dog to dog, or airborne.

We here at Ruff-Inn-It take all precautions to try to eliminate the spread of the disease. We invested in the Greenheck air handling system which exchanges the air in our facility 10 times per hour – old air out, new air in. We are clean air certified with PetAirapy UV sanitizing technology.  A recent study by the University of Arizona and Michigan State University shows the efficacy of PetAirapy UVGI system at 99% kill rate for animal and zoonotic pathogens in the air.  We also have UV lighting in our air ducts that kills germs as they pass through. The facility is cleaned top to bottom several times daily, and water bowls are changed multiple times a day.

Intranasal or Oral Bordetella vaccine is required and is the most effective against Kennel Cough.

**We do understand certain circumstances require the injectable Bordetella vaccine.  In those cases, we require a signed letter from your vet stating the circumstances.

Requiring vaccination before boarding makes sense, but it’s important to remember that it’s not 100% effective. There are multiple strains of this syndrome, just like the common cold. Dogs with compromised immune systems are more susceptible.