When life takes you away from home, feel at ease knowing your canine and feline kids are safe and happy with Ruff-Inn-It Stay and Play. We boast amenities to best suit your family’s needs and can accommodate any size dog or cat and their special needs.

Aside from unmatched sleeping quarters, your pet can enjoy activities as chosen by you. If your pet likes other canine kids, why not enroll him or her in our Day Camp? Day Camp dogs enjoy the company, games, and licks of other fun-loving dogs while under the watchful eye of our highly trained camp counselors.

Ruff-Inn-It Stay and Play realizes that you truly miss your pet when you travel or are at work. We promise that we will deliver the best care possible. Thank you for making our pet resort your pet’s resort.

All guests enjoy the following:

bone1 Comforts from Home – such as belongings, treats, and food
bed Raised Kuranda Beds – large and x-large for comfy sleeping
thermo1 Climate Control Space – the kennel area will have 10 air changes an hour,
and the cat area will have 12 air changes an hour.
Kennel area will have an ultraviolet air purification system.
roomservice Room Service – 2 times daily min.
housekeeping Regular Housekeeping
firehyd Outdoor Elimination Breaks – 4-6 times daily
music Soothing Overhead Music
hearts Most Importantly – LOTS OF LOVE!


4 x 6 Suite – $35.00 per night

4X12 Suite – (1 Dog) – $42.00 per night

4X12 Suite – (2 Dogs) – $75.60 per night

8 x 10 Luxury Suite – $50.00 per night

You also receive priority services listed below:

  • First to get elimination breaks in the morning
  • First to have meals served
  • Priority access to day camp

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Cat Suites – $20.00 per night

Each additional pet will receive a 10% discount on boarding prices.

Day Camp – $23.00 daily
Day Board with one-on-one playtime – $23.00 daily

  • This service is for dogs who don’t do well with other dogs or who simply do not want to attend the group Day Camp program.  As we stated, Day Camp is not for all dogs, but this is another alternative for them.  Some dogs do not like being left alone due to anxiety issues.  With the Day Board program, you can bring your furry friend for the day and have special one-on-one time with our camp counselors.

Pick-up & Delivery – $10.00 each way – per dog


  • Medications to be administered – charge $2.00 per day
  • Meal of the Day – $5.00 per meal – Ruff-Inn-It Stay and Play will provide special gourmet meals daily if their diet permits.
    Entrees to include:
    Easy Cheesy Scrambled Eggs | Chicken Pot Pie | Beef Stew
    Mutt Loaf – enough said | Hamburger and Rice – very nice
    Hot Diggity Dogs
  • Treat Service – $3.00 per treat     (see treat list below)
Kong Stuffed Treats – Cheese or Peanut Butter
Bichon Freeze – Frozen Chicken Broth with a variety of edible frozen treats inside – blueberries, jerky strips, or a rawhide bone
Millie & Bo’s Cookies – A variety of Seasonal Cookies, as well as Happy Birthday Cookies to celebrate your Furry Friends SPECIAL Day!   🙂
House Prepared Treats – Peanut Butter & Coconut Oil Frozen Treats, Chicken Broth Stars, Grass Fed Beef Jerky & Chicken Treats
or any durable chew from our gift shop. If you choose to bring your own treats, just let us know when and how many!


Lickable Treats – Best for Felines – Ice cubes with chicken flavoring will be served along with a special treat


We’ve learned over the years; an exercised dog is a happy dog. Add human attention, social interaction, breaks, and rest; now you have a completely Happy Dog.

Day Camp – the first time is free and tests your dog’s temperament around others.

One-on-One Playtime and Walking – dogs who prefer not to play with others or who want the camp advisors to themselves!



American Natural Premium Foods

  • Exhibitors Choice
  • Sensitive Care
  • Original Recipe
  • Chicken Recipe w/Barley
  • Turkey w/Pumpkin
  • Beef Recipe w/carrots & cauliflower

Treat Bar

  • Pig Ears
  • Cow Ears
  • Small & Large Bully Sticks
  • Braided Bully Sticks
  • Bully Rings
  • Small & Large Flavor Filled Bones
  • Grillers Jerky Treats